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Perforated Metal Tube

Perforated Metal Tube
Products Name : Perforated Metal Tube
Place of Origin: King De Long Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
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Perforated metal tubes are popularly used in filter products as support tubing and sometimes it is used directly as filter tube and cylinder for certain industries. We can manufacture perforated tube solutions with high tolerances and straight or flared ends to allow for unrestricted flow, facilitating flow pressure and temperature measurements. Construction of our tubes can include spiral or longitudinal welded seams or lock seams and you can choose any combinations from a selection of hole sizes and patterns.

Micron opening perforated metal tubes are used as filters or screens itself in the screening of coal, gravel and ore; in the shifting and separation of food products, medical material, fine chemicals and oil. Made of quality stainless steel or carbon steel sheets, perforated filter tubes and cylinders can be made spiral welded or butt welded in a wide range of sizes.

Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or other materials. The mostly used stainless steel perforated tubes include 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Hole pattern: round, square, hexagonal, oval and special hole patterns.

Open area: it will determine the strength of the support tube and the filter flow.

The thickness of perforated metal tubes: 0.2mm to 15mm

Opening diameter: 0.2mm to 100mm

Perforated Metal Tube Perforated Metal Tube Perforated Metal Tube
Perforated Metal Tube Perforated Metal Tube Perforated Metal Tube
Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.