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Spiral Welded Tube

Spiral Welded Tube
Products Name : Spiral Welded Tube
Place of Origin: King De Long Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
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Our spiral welded tube is produced using helically forming and automatically welding continuous strip of stainless steel or mild steel.This method of production based on high precision and high quality of welding.

Materials: stainless steel 304, 316, 316 L

Unique design of filter ring
With side opening exterior protection cover (optional)
Excellent corrosion-resisting
Easy for installation and less work time

Spiral welded tube is approximately 15% stronger than logitudinally and welded tube
Lighter wall thickness can be used
Less weight of the tubing provides lower installation costs

Stock, water and pulp lines in pulp mills.
Product and effluent lines in chemical processing.
Water and wort lines for brewing.

The diameter: 50-300mm
The thickness: 0.8-3mm
The length: less than 10m
The hole type : bridge, round hole and so on

Spiral Welded Tube Spiral Welded Tube
Spiral Welded Tube Spiral Welded Tube
Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.