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Perforated Metal Screen

Perforated Metal Screen
Products Name : Perforated Metal Screen
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Perforated metal screens are necessary components to do everything from sizing to controlling materials, such as in grain dryers; to directing air in aftermarket car grilles; to enhancing airflow in computer enclosures; to building-in efficiency in clothes washers and dryers; to many aspects of HVAC grilles and enclosures. Perforated metal screens for architecture can be used as balcony, partitions, elevator cabinet and so on.

Perforated metal screen is typically produced from metal sheets or coils. Perforated screen can be produced in widths up to 60" and in any length (typically under 250" for shipping purposes).

Perforated Metal Screen
Perforated Metal Screen
Perforated Metal Screen
Perforated Metal Screen
Perforated Metal Screen

There are a number of different materials that can be perforated, though certain metals are commonly used because of their ability to satisfy a wide range of design criteria. Major material types include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and some alloy. Typical patterns for perforated screen include slotted, embossed, diamond, square and round.


Perforated metal screens can control the passage of air, liquid, solids, heat and electromagnetic waves. They are often found in the following applications:

Dryer drums
Speaker covers
Automotive grills
Exhaust components
Airplane engine silencers
Grain dryers
Microwave ovens
Computer cabinets
Perforated  metal screen
Window and door security screen
Architectural decorative ceilings and facades

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.